Victorian Pride Lobby launch 'Breaking Rainbow Ceiling' report

Breaking the Rainbow Ceiling
Download PDF • 235KB

The Victorian Pride Lobby launched a very special report ‘Breaking the rainbow ceiling - LBQ+ women standing for public office.’ This is first-of-its kind Australian research into the barriers and motivators for lesbian, bi+, and queer LBQ women to stand for office.

This research and subsequent report was spurred because despite the many positive legislative reforms and the fact we call ourselves the Equality State, Victoria has one of the lowest numbers of LGBTIQ+ people of any Parliament in Australia. Critically, that means a lack of representation. There are currently no openly LBQ+ women in the Ministry or shadow Ministry. There has never been a trans, non-binary, or intersex woman elected to the Victorian Parliament. There has never been an openly LBQ woman elected to the legislative assembly, and only one ever elected to the Legislative Council. Ahead of the Victorian election next year, political parties need to push for more queer in public office.

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