Curious Conversation with the Victorian Multicultural Commission

Last night I had the great pleasure of facilitating the second public lecture in the Victorian Multicultural Commission's 'Curious Conversations' series at The Wheeler Centre. Opened by the Commission's Chairperson Vivienne Nguyen, we turned our focus to multiculturalism in the context of local government with our panelists Hume City Council Mayor Joseph Haweil, City of Darebin Mayor Lina Messina, and City of Brimbank Deputy Mayor Jasmine Nguyen.

A theme that repeated throughout was the critical need for local governments to be reflective of the communities they represent. In terms of the diversity of our elected councilors, Australia is still trailing far behind other comparable democracies. The conversation also brought attention to the many offerings the three councils have for new and emerging multicultural communities as well as the need for cultural safety to be a consideration in all council planning. This was a truly enriching conversation to be a part of.

In case you missed it, this terrific conversation can be seen here:

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