National Homeless Collective Trolleyman Fundraiser

Thank you to all of the heroes who've donated to our Trolleyman fundraiser.

On November 9 2018 an incredible man named Michael Rogers from Melbourne, now known as ‘Trolleyman’, put his own life at risk to stop a terrorist who was on a rampage. Mr Rogers bravely shoved a shopping trolley at the terrorist in an attempt to assist police in his capture. We’ve since learned that our hero ‘Trolleyman’ homeless and that his phone was destroyed in the incident. We believe his efforts deserve a reward that can really help him out. We’re a registered charity, (National Homeless Collective) supporting people experiencing homelessness, and all funds donated to this campaign will go directly to Mr Rogers to help get him back on his feet.

To date, we've raised over $150,000 for our hero via GoFundMe. 100% of the funds raised for Michael will go to him. They will be held in a trust account with our accountants at One Ledger who have very generously offered to oversee the handling of the funds and make sure Michael is well taken care of and guided financially as he moves forward.

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