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Thank you to Books+Publishing for doing a feature on Quickie! It was great to put a spotlight on my podcast.

With its first episode debuting in 2017, Quickie has been described by founder and host Nevena Spirovska as a ‘feminist podcast that shoots straight from the lip’. Each episode is recorded in a single take, and asks guests about the path that lead them to the careers they have today.

A number of Australian and international writers and editors have been interviewed, including comedy writer Catherine Deveny, political commentator Jamila Rizvi, comedy writer Lucy Valentine, data journalist Mona Chalabi and author of The Mothers, Brit Bennett, among others. Spirovska spoke to Books+Publishing for our ‘podcast spotlight’ series.

For new or uninitiated listeners, describe your podcast in under 50 words.

It’s a playful, conversation-based show that celebrates the stories and experiences of dynamic women.

Each episode is recorded in one hot take and is centred on the path that each guest took to reach the top of their various podiums.

What makes your podcast unique?

It’s a podcast that’s created by women, with women, for everyone.

When and how did you get started in podcasting?

I took the deep dive into podcasting a year ago; I had no prior experience in audio, interviewing, or podcasting. I built my show off the back of show business magic (a few favours from friends, good luck, and great YouTube tutorials).

Where and how is your podcast recorded (and how big is your team)?

I write, produce, and edit my podcast in a studio in Melbourne and when I travel, I take my equipment with me.

Improvements in technology, the connectivity of social media, and the kindness of strangers has allowed me to meet, greet, and chat to some marvellous people in Australia and around the world.

What kind of listeners does your podcast reach?

I know them by age, location, and streaming device. But I would like to think my listeners are hyperintelligent, witty, and wildly attractive people based in Melbourne, New York, and most recently, an enormous amount of listeners from Slovenia!

What have been your most popular guests or most memorable episodes?

I’m not one to choose favourites, but recently, the Australian used quotes from my interview with former VICE features editor and now editor of the Saturday Paper, Maddison Connaughton. The episode is called ‘Just Take Acid’, which I’m sure delighted and enthralled their readers.

What recent trends have you noticed in podcasting? (Do you have any predictions for this format in the future?)

I’m so glad more women have decided to grab the mic. Podcasting, like most democratic platforms, began with a bang and then ended up looking and sounding like a back-end internet forum. I would love to see a future that is less commercialised and more focused on quality, independent shows.

Why do you think people are drawn to this format?

It’s personal, it’s informative and it’s free—you can listen to podcasts while doing anything. And usually, you learn a thing or two along the way.

How do you fund your podcast? Do you have plans to explore other funding options?

Starting out, your wallet does take a hit, but you really can’t put a price on fun. Podcasting can be as affordable or lavish as you can manage, that’s part of the joy of producing.

Quickie has previously had advertisers, but I’m hesitant to go down that path again because there is nothing as intolerable as podcast advertisements.

What plans do you have for your podcast going forward?

To continue to be the number one short-form, feminist, Q&A podcast in Australia!

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