ABC The Hack tackles 'Sex Addiction'

ABC The Hack is investigating "sex addiction."

An incredibly difficult term to unpack given the stigma that surrounds hypersexuality and the lack of sexual education that is offered to young people.

'Sex addiction' is not classified in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5 and yet 'gambling disorder' is. Almost every criteria that applies to gambling disorder can be extended to the lived experiences of self-described sex addicts.

Perhaps the terminology needs to be changed so that we can offer appropriate information and treatment to people who feel affected by this affliction.

Amongst all this, a common thought is that 'sex addiction' is used as an excuse for cheating. There is no excuse for infidelity; if you cannot be communicative and honest with your partner, you are simply dishonest.

When engaging in sexual practices, we have responsibilities: to ourselves and our partners to practice safe sex, to educate ourselves about the various sexualities that exist outside of heterosexuality, to actively reduce sexual stigma and actively practice consent.

I look forward to the conversation tonight on The Hack.

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