Keeping LGBTIQA+ homelessness on the agenda

At the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, we're proud of the word we've done with Transgender Victoria, Intersex Human Rights Australia and the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby to keep the issue of LGBTIQA+ homelessness on the agenda. Together we have made recommendations including asking the government to invest in research to identify the root causes of homelessness for LGBTIQA+ persons through a submission made to the Inquiry into Homelessness in Australia. Our submission identified that LGBTIQA+ communities are at a higher risk of becoming homeless. Little research has been conducted into the causes, rates & experiences of LGBTIQA+ homelessness – this lack of research is a clear obs

Human Rights of Women and Girls in the Pacific submission

This Lesbian Visibility Day, the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby is sending off a submission to the federal inquiry into the human rights of women and girls in the Pacific, advocating for full decriminalisation of lesbianism in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands. Read the submission here.

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