Coronavirus Community Fund

To become a regular donor, please contact: One-off donations can be made via bank transfer to: National Homeless Collective BSB: 633 000 Acct: 1679 02196 Description: <Your name> Please send an email to so we can send you a tax receipt. We are all facing high levels of uncertainty and hazard in response to the rapid spread of coronavirus disease in Victoria. The social distancing needed to contain its spread means that many people will be at risk of losing work, and may struggle to make rental payments, pay utilities or even buy food. So, in partnership with National Homeless Collective, we're launching the Coronavirus C

Northside Melbourne Coronavirus Outreach

Blessed to be admin-ing mutual aid group Northside Melbourne Coronavirus Outreach with a team of legends to create a mutual aid support space for people in Melbourne's north. In a few days we've managed to; build up a network of 5000+ people get 3 days worth of supplies to a person sleeping in their car provide $60 shopping money for a single mum get $120 to a young man who had nothing in the pantry deliver tupperware between houses to distribute food create amazing resource threads This is what it looks like when we reach out to our neighbours! Read the article here.

Yeehaw Golden Plains!

Thank you to all the cowqueens at Golden Plains 14 that made me feel right at home in the ranch once again! It was an absolute honour to be back on the stage to spread the good word of Aunty Meredith and I am beyond BLOWN by the gorgeous feedback and reviews. Here's to many yeehaws together.

Climate Block featured on RRR

Amazing to talk to our friends at Triple R radio this evening about Climate Block and the work of Climate Five. We even had someone switch their super live on air. The magic of radio! To make sure your browsing doesn't fund cliamte denial, get Climate Block today:

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