Climate Block is live

Climate Block is a free browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that blocks publications linked to climate-change denial, such as all media owned by NewsCorp. Visiting these websites creates revenue for climate change deniers. Can we really afford that? Install Climate Block now to instantly block these websites and stop the spread of climate change denial. ★ Easy Customisation Need to visit a site just once? No problem. Use the “Allow this time” button and hit refresh to view the site. If you want to remove a website permanently from the block list, select “Edit Blocked List” and toggle websites on/off. ★ We Respect your Privacy Climate Block does not track, store, retain or record any of

Young Leaders Collective 2020

☎️ Calling young people with a care experience! ☎️ Are you looking for a paid opportunity to develop your leadership and advocacy skills while growing your professional network? We’ve created a program especially for young people with an out-of-home care experience 👇 ➡️ Who: 18-24 year olds ➡️When: February – June 2020 ➡️Why: Paid professional development @ $25 ph Sound like you? Apply today:

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