Home Stretch by The Age's Miki Perkins

Imagine you’re a parent. Until your little duck reaches adulthood you house them, clothe and feed them, schlep them to school and do everything within your power to give them a decent start in life. Then, on their 18th birthday, you boot them out of the family home. No, you wouldn’t do that, you’re not a monster. But “we” (the collective state) do it with the young people legally in our care. That’s terrible parenting. Victoria turns off support to young people in state care when they turn 18, despite a wealth of economic, social and even neurological evidence for a more generous approach. For all the talk of our “progressive state”, we should be embarrassed that we now lag behind Tassie and

JUNKEE Feature Article

Today marks the beginning of Victorian Youth Week - a celebration of young people across the state. But for kids in foster care, there isn't much to celebrate. In Victoria, we cut them off when they turn 18. Within a year, many will become homeless or unemployed. My piece for Junkee on why it's more important than ever to extend the age of foster care from 18 to 21. #MakeIt21 Article link.

Nevena Spirovska (me!) live on ABC Radio

It was a pleasure to speak to Richelle Hunt on ABC Melbourne about the work and activism I'm currently involved with. A great chat about the various campaigns I'm involved with including Home Stretch, Melbourne Period Project, The Plate Up Project, & The School Project. Link: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1A2L642ZGDx

Panelist - Game Changers Conversations

Today, young people have opportunities to participate in community life and politics in many different ways. But it hasn’t always been like this. In what ways are young people finding their voice within the current political system, how has the digital age impacted this, and how effective are these new methods in influencing change? This Game Changers Conversation will delve into the issues close to young people’s hearts, and the ways that they get their voices and messages heard. Presented in partnership with Maribyrnong Youth Services. Tickets are free and bookings are essential. SPEAKERS - Lorraine Ngwenya (moderator), Founder/Director of Useful Link - Nevena Spirovska, Feminist

United Nations CSW62 Outcomes

The 2018 United Nations Commission on the Status of Women has come to a close. After months of preparation and two intensive weeks of negotiations, UN Member States adopted a document known as the Agreed Conclusions, which set forth commitments for States to address gender justice and women’s human rights issues. A copy of the Agreed Conclusions is available here: https://goo.gl/c4wBwK

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