RMIT Guest Lecturer - Common Purpose Series

Thank you to RMIT University for having me as a guest lecturer for their ‘Common Purpose’ program which teaches cross-cultural and inclusive development. The students were amazing and incredibly interested in the work we do at Melbourne Period Project.

Rainbow Serpent Showed Sniffer Dogs Can't Keep Drugs Out of Music Festivals

Rainbow Serpent, Victoria’s iconic, much-loved bush doof (or “music festival” depending on who you’re talking to) changed a lot in 2018. First up, there was the nang ban. Citing environmental concerns, Rainbow’s organisers this year took the step of completely outlawing nitrous oxide and all “affiliated materials” at the event. Of course, the familiar sound could still be heard echoing through campsites, but the “Leave No Trace” ethos was there. This year was also the first time in the festival’s history that patrons were subject to a Police Passive Alert Detection dog operation at the gates. And along with the sniffer dogs, Victoria Police also deployed a large van to patrol campgrounds and

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