Students For Sensible Drug Policy Conference

The Students for Sensible Drug Policy Australia’s first national conference, ‘Challenging The Narratives Of Prohibition’ will be held at Melbourne University this August. Held over the 12th and 13th of August, the conference will showcase some of the brightest minds and dedicated activists in drug law reform. I am incredibly pleased to be speaking alongside Dr Alex Wodak, Dr Will Tregoning, and Dr Kathryn Daley.

The Dangers of a Blanket Ban on Synthetic Drugs

“The global war on drugs has failed,” the Global Commission on Drug Policy declared on June 2 2011. The panel of world leaders and intellectuals outlined in its report that prohibition has led to increased drug consumption, fostered powerful crime networks and contributed to mass incarceration. The commission’s findings have had ripple effects around the world. It has also informed the Victorian government inquiry into drug law reform, which is reviewing the effectiveness of the state’s laws relating to illicit and synthetic drugs. The inquiry’s report is scheduled for tabling by March 9 next year. Over recent years, some of Australia’s top ex-law enforcement officials have spoken out agains

The Plate Up Project

The Plate Up Project is an initiative helping women escaping domestic violence and abuse to rediscover their love of cooking and connection with food, while also getting qualifications and experience that will lead to a solid pathway to employment and financial stability. One of the silent struggles of women experiencing homelessness is that they have little control over their own food and nutrition. They're left to eat and feed their children, what they're given by soup kitchens and shelters. Link.

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