The Hack 'Sex Addiction' Debrief

I was excited to be part of The Hack panel that discussed and dismantled 'sex addiction' on ABC2 last night. Facilitated by Tom Tilley, the panel consisted of Tim (virgin, Christian sex educator), George (sexual enthusiast), Ben (sex addict), Candice (dated a sex addict), Alinda Small (pro sex- addiction psychiatrist), Nikki Goldstein (anti sex-addiction sexologist) and myself, a sex positive activist. The show centered around Jason's sexual addiction and how it has impacted his life, family, relationships and partner, Cassie. We were allowed into one of their couple's therapy sessions, where Jason confessed that he had relapsed and viewed pornography via Instagram. When discussing his affli

Triple J The Hack 'Sex Addiction' Radio Debrief

And so concludes my orgy of activity around "sex addiction" as part of the ABC2's #HackLive investigation. I had a yarn with Tom Tilley on Hack on triple j to tie up some loose ends from 25:00

ABC The Hack tackles 'Sex Addiction'

ABC The Hack is investigating "sex addiction." An incredibly difficult term to unpack given the stigma that surrounds hypersexuality and the lack of sexual education that is offered to young people. 'Sex addiction' is not classified in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5 and yet 'gambling disorder' is. Almost every criteria that applies to gambling disorder can be extended to the lived experiences of self-described sex addicts. Perhaps the terminology needs to be changed so that we can offer appropriate information and treatment to people who feel affected by this affliction. Amongst all this, a common thought is that 'sex addiction' is used as an excuse for cheating.

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